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MK3 Solutions Consulting

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Change is hard.  It comes in multiple dimensions.  It is more than technology.  MK3 knows and plans for this.  We understand not just your business case but the financial, operational, resource, and network elements that can make or break your success.  


Our leadership draws on decades of experience leading change, bolstered with over 60 years of cumulative industry experience in operational and portfolio / program management leadership.  Our team brings experience to bear from executive level to the individual contributor in a multitude of industries. 

Our fundamental comprehension of the operation/business/financial impact of change differentiates us from the standard program management providers. We own and manage our own businesses on a daily basis and treat yours with that same care.  In addition, our firm of experts has led corporations through transformational change related to technology evolution, Mergers and Acquisition integration, functional restructuring and process evolution.

Leadership Team

Jacki Stanley | MK3 Solutions
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Jacki Stanley, founder and managing partner of MK3 Solutions, offers over 20 years of proven organizational leadership and program and project management expertise. Jacki has continually demonstrated her ability to add value to any organization by using program management best practices to develop and implement highly effective solutions to achieve key organizational goals...

Martin Garrity | MK3 Solutions
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As a founding partner of MK3 Solutions, Martin Garrity’s passion for solving the tough challenge makes him an invaluable member of our team. His strength in problem-solving springs from his ability to clarify uncertainty and to deconstruct a situation into its component parts that then can be prioritized by impact and deadline. Perhaps a throwback to his military days, he loves jumping...

Tracy Beal | MK3 Solutions
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Tracy Beal, a founder of MK3 Solutions, brings 25 years of operational and consulting experience to the team. Her career includes driving revenue growth, transformative technology implementations, asset creation, process optimization, client management, and delivery excellence with an inclusive focus on helping companies solve...

Leadership Team

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